Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Horrible Sunday Night

Has anyone noticed that the worst day of the week is Sunday? Not to sound like a pessimist but it is the only day that is completely useless. You wake up feeling great because you just had a great Saturday and then realize that the weekend is already half over. You roll out of bed, grab some breakfast and try to find "Sunday Morning Cartoons" but you never can (then again i don't have cable). By the time your ready to start your day it is twelve and you don't feel like doing you homework or going out with your friends. Most of the day goes by with helping your family (which I don't agree with, the weekend is for relaxing from the work you did during the week) or doing some sort of religious activity -whether it be church or a your traditional weekly bath with a good book. By the time its six, you can't do anything but hurry to finish your homework and dream about what your going to do next weekend. I usually agree with Garfield the cat but right now I'm disagreeing and saying that I hate Sundays!

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