Saturday, February 12, 2011

Absolute Truth

I don't consider myself a wise or gifted individual in either reason or logic but this post is my attempt at reason and logic. This is a little brain exerciser in order to get you thinking...

There was an issue that came up in my English class, the middle of my junior year at high school concerning whether or not there was an absolute truth. I believed there was, everyone else did not. Greatly outnumbered in both volume and energy, I was unable to clearly display my point. This is my attempt to persuade you, my audience, that there is such a category of truths.
Take, for example, a glass of water filled till water takes up exactly half of the volume of the cup. Since this very cup is already famous for it optimist/pessimistic test, I thought it apt for my own analysis. A person, on looking at the aforementioned glass may say, “That is half full,” while another might glance at the same glass and announce, “That is half full,”. Is either wrong? One may be more cheery than the other but neither is incorrect in their proclamation. Both of these proclamations are truths but they conflict even though they say the same thing. So what is it than, is their one absolute truth for both views?
Obviously, in this scenario, there is: “Water is occupying exactly half of the glass.” This one statement, this one truth, is absolute and unarguable. Unfortunately my English class did not agree. So I persist in arguing my point to you. Please comment below on your opinion and explain it. Thank you


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

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PLN Project

This is a Short description of our Group's PLN Project. We both decided to make a short animoto video of our high schools. After much confusion on my part, we succeeded in just that and with out further ado... Our Project.

Monday, November 15, 2010


Why is it so hard to publish things on the internet, that basically no one will ever see, so hard? Its like talking to yourself with the option of someone listening but normal. It might sound peculiar but I'm starting to think that talking to myself would be easier that this. Please someone comment...

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Horrible Sunday Night

Has anyone noticed that the worst day of the week is Sunday? Not to sound like a pessimist but it is the only day that is completely useless. You wake up feeling great because you just had a great Saturday and then realize that the weekend is already half over. You roll out of bed, grab some breakfast and try to find "Sunday Morning Cartoons" but you never can (then again i don't have cable). By the time your ready to start your day it is twelve and you don't feel like doing you homework or going out with your friends. Most of the day goes by with helping your family (which I don't agree with, the weekend is for relaxing from the work you did during the week) or doing some sort of religious activity -whether it be church or a your traditional weekly bath with a good book. By the time its six, you can't do anything but hurry to finish your homework and dream about what your going to do next weekend. I usually agree with Garfield the cat but right now I'm disagreeing and saying that I hate Sundays!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

An Intresting Problem

Today, the 29th of September, marks the day of my second blog post. I find myself with a dearth of idea with which I should publish onto the World Wide Web... So I decided to Blog about my frustrating dilemma.