Saturday, February 12, 2011

Absolute Truth

I don't consider myself a wise or gifted individual in either reason or logic but this post is my attempt at reason and logic. This is a little brain exerciser in order to get you thinking...

There was an issue that came up in my English class, the middle of my junior year at high school concerning whether or not there was an absolute truth. I believed there was, everyone else did not. Greatly outnumbered in both volume and energy, I was unable to clearly display my point. This is my attempt to persuade you, my audience, that there is such a category of truths.
Take, for example, a glass of water filled till water takes up exactly half of the volume of the cup. Since this very cup is already famous for it optimist/pessimistic test, I thought it apt for my own analysis. A person, on looking at the aforementioned glass may say, “That is half full,” while another might glance at the same glass and announce, “That is half full,”. Is either wrong? One may be more cheery than the other but neither is incorrect in their proclamation. Both of these proclamations are truths but they conflict even though they say the same thing. So what is it than, is their one absolute truth for both views?
Obviously, in this scenario, there is: “Water is occupying exactly half of the glass.” This one statement, this one truth, is absolute and unarguable. Unfortunately my English class did not agree. So I persist in arguing my point to you. Please comment below on your opinion and explain it. Thank you